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     Cochem region at the heart of romantic Moselle Valley in Germany
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 Welcom to the Moselle!    Holiday flat - Cochem including breakfast - book cheap here!

Wine house rooms


 Wine Farmer Lönarz

Am Moselufer 12

56814 Bruttig-Fankel


Weinhaus Lönarz is a family operated business in the grape growing region of Cochem Moselle.




           Holiday Cochem

      Grab cheap guest room to your favorite holiday Cochem destination on " Book now and let the savings enjoy! Cochem is near Bruttig.


If you want a personal experience of Cochem, contact us.



Cochem on the Moselle

Cochem is the perfect base for getting to know different areas, towns and people.


Idyllic wine-growing villages and well-know wine centres are nearby. The Roman imperial city of Trier is packed with fascinating sights, and stands at the gateway to Luxembourg with its rich store of art treasures. And not far away is Koblenz, where the Mosel meets the Rhine.

Holiday Cochem

Activityies in Cochem

The natural beauty of the Moselle countryside is particularly appreciated by visitors with the leisure to explore its byways. The hills around Cochem offer a host of attractive destinations for walkers, and cycling is also popular, with near-level cycle paths leading along the river. Return to your accommodation by cyclists´ shuttle bus, train or boat.


Up and Down the Moselle

The Moselle is a curvaceous beauty. And it almost seems as though it knows that it attract everyone's looks. Majestic, the way it lies there, breathtaking how the silvery-blue, meandering band winds its way upstream. Yes, the Moselle is an impressive sight. And, it isn't stingy with attractions, it shows its many different sides willingly. At times the light of the summer sun paints pearls on its “face”, at other times foggy mists give it a mysterious look, and sometimes it does the melancholy act when snow falls. It is truly unbelievable how the Moselle has burrowed deep into the valleys and in innumerable windings into the mountains.

Its path leads past vineyards, meadows and forests. In the Cochemer Land, the communities of Bruttig-Fankel, Beilstein, Bremm, Briedern, Ediger-Eller, Ellenz-Poltersdorf, Ernst, Klotten, Mesenich, Senheim-Senhals, Nehren,Valwig hug close to it and call out to the quests: “We are Moselaners!” The crooked lanes of the towns with their half-timber houses and cosy inciting vineyards in combination with the Moselle landscape so richly endowed by nature all contribute to the attraction of this holiday region.


Picture: Cochem Moselle


The Romans discovered the benefits of the mild Moselle climate over 2000 years ago, and the steep riverbank slopes have been cultivated as vineyards ever since. The heart of the Moselle Valley is the “Cochemer Krampen”.


This distinctive countryside, with its romantic towns and villages, is an inviting destination for holidays packed with pleasures great and small.



The castle Cochem






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